2011 – The Night After Time EP

The Night After Time

The Night After Time

The Night After Time is a collection of re-recorded songs from the band’s first album ‘The Desert at Night’, which was originally recorded in 2002 when Camel of Doom front man Kris Clayton was just 14 years old. Now older, wiser and poles apart in musical and technical ability, Kris decided to revisit these tracks to help them reach their full potential.

The tracks were laid down in November and December of 2009, but were shelved when work on the next full length album began in earnest. After a busy period which saw work on both EP and album grind to a halt, Kris took the tracks to Priory Recording Studios and completed the work with much assistance from his close friend and former colleague, Greg Chandler of Esoteric.

This release aims to simultaneously look back and forward, gazing fondly at the bands routes whilst preparing the unsuspecting public for the new material that lurks in wait… Watch this space!

01. Child of the Scream
02. Run Camel Run
03. Death on the Ship of the Desert
04. The Power

Recorded Nov/Dec 2009 by Kris Clayton

Mixed and Mastered at Priory Recording Studios by Greg Chandler 5th/6th March 2011

Produced and Engineered by Kris Clayton and Greg Chandler


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