Ten Years

10 years ago, in July 2002, my early solo musical dabblings were brought together under the title Camel of Doom. I re-evaluated what was good and bad about the music I had created and did the logical thing – chucked the shit and kept only the good. In the months that followed I recorded and released two EPs, The Song with Rocks In and Child of the Scream. In the years that followed, I attempted to hone the sound and expand on it, something which I hope did not go unnoticed.

The addition of a full permanent live line up in 2004/2005 allowed the creation of tracks such as Earthhammer and Monolith, that many see as the defining sound of the band. I chose not to stay still though and continued the advancement of the sound, and hope that soon I will be able to widely release the new album.

Work goes on. I am currently seeking a label for the release of the album, as you know. I am also looking for musicians to join me so that we can take the band to a wider audience by playing live once more.

Heres to the next 10 years!
Kris Clayton, 1st July 2012


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