New Album Update

Just an update on progress…

The album writing has been mostly finished for some time now, and has been finalized very recently. Tracking has been done by myself at various times and places between December 2009 and now. The vocals were recorded a fortnight ago (or thereabouts) at Priory Recording Studios. We also reamped all the guitars and bass. It sounds MASSIVE, and I hope you will all be as blown away with the sound on the new record as I am!

The mixing and mastering of the record will take place at Priory Recording Studios once again between 21st and 26th of May. I fully expect engineer Greg Chandler (my former band mate from Esoteric) to do the material maximum justice. Having worked closely with Greg in the past I have developed a good working relationship with him that enables maximum results!

I have been arguing with myself about whether to announce the title and track list at this moment. I have decided to hold off until I have finalized the artwork and then let loose in one go!

I will however give a quick description of what you will find within the album:

The balance of the album has swung the other way somewhat from The Diviners Sage, which lent slightly in favor of the clean sections. Whilst we retain many clean interludes, and building parts that go from zero to crushing via Floyd-esque jams, there is a definite emphasis on the HEAVY. Coupled with the quality of the recording, I hope people will get a real sense of volume and power from this record!

Important elements of previous Camel of Doom records that will be present here: Light and shade, building parts, emotional peaks and troughs, ambiances/spacey effects galore, general trippiness and feeling of movement, and of course, that most important of elements: SAXOPHONE!

Stay posted for more info!!!


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