The Night After Time

The Night After Time

The Night After Time

Camel of Doom have just finished work on a new EP, ‘The Night After Time’. This new release features re recordings of the most popular songs from the bands debut album ‘The Desert At Night’.

The majority of the record was recorded by the band in Nov/Dec 2009, and was completed over the weekend of 5th/6th March 2011 at Priory Recording Studios.

  1. Child of the Scream
  2. Run Camel Run
  3. Death on the Ship of the Desert
  4. The Power

Performed by Camel of Doom. Produced and Engineered by Kris Clayton and Greg Chandler. Mastered by Greg Chandler.

The EP is available via all major digital distribution networks from the end of April, with a possible 10″ release to follow.

Work continues on the full length follow up to 2008’s ‘The Diviners Sage’.




Direct from out distributer (benefits us a whole lot more):


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