2008 – The Diviners Sage LP

The Diviners Sage

Originally recorded by the now defunct 04/05 line-up and appropriately completed in a haze of Salvia smoke and  Benzylpiperazine by Kris Clayton in 2008, The Diviners Sage is the crowning glory of Camel of Dooms full line-up era. Three epic songs, each mixing heavy-as-hell riffage with the spaced out saxfests that defined the band, held together with a layer of fuzz, echoes and vintage 70’s keyboards, all adding up to a warm and delightful tribute to cosmic space, shamanic ritual and imagined mythology.

01. The Diviners Sage
02. Monolith
03. EarthHammer

Kris Clayton – Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals/Sounds
Tom Sadler – Drums
Laura Whittington – Bass
Rosie Potts – Sax

Recorded and Mixed at ALE/Beech Street between 2005 and 2008 by Kris Clayton


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